Mohamed Helmy, CEO MasterPeace
Ilco van der Linde, founder of MasterPeace

Ilco van der Linde
At the age of 16, Ilco organized his first event to celebrate the end of the Second World War in the Netherlands: Liberation pop. The event grew out to an annual festival, celebrated all over the country on May 5th, with 14 festivals in 14 cities and became the largest yearly thematic youth project of Europe with more then one million attendees. On one of his journeys through Africa, Ilco learned about the devastating effects of HIV and AIDS. Ilco decided to use his creativity and campaigning expertise. He co-founded Dance4Life, involving hundreds of thousands young people in 30 countries to push back HIV and AIDS. With Dance4Life he worked closely together with Mohamed Helmy, project leader of Dance4Life Egypt. 


Mohamed Helmy 
For almost the past ten years, Mohamed had been driven by his passion to empower people, challenge status quo and bring people together for social change, Mohamed had started many initiatives in Egypt and outside empowering thousands of young people to be actively involved in their communities and  bravely tackling what societies would label as ‘taboos.’ Mohamed was the former country coordinator of “Dance4Life” Egypt, as part of “Dance4Life” global campaign to increase awareness for HIV/AIDS , his campaign in Egypt witnessed great success with involving thousands of students in Egypt in the educational program, “Dance4Life” Egypt was considered the only project to break the HIV/AIDS taboos in Egypt, Mohamed also started “The Common Show” which is an international art gathering promoting the social inclusions of minorities in Egypt. 

The dream that becomes reality
After the Dance4Life concert in 2007 in Egypt, Mohamed went for his MBA at the Emory University in Atlanta, and Ilco went traveling for 2 years with his family through Africa. They shared a common dream of creating a huge movement whereby millions of people would be inspired for peace. Now, a few years later, MasterPeace is an East-West cooperation, led by Ilco as Creative Director and Mohamed as CEO. For MasterPeace, both men work in close connection with the board of the MasterPeace foundation, a core team in the Netherlands and Egypt who are managing the activities on a daily basis, its founding partnerscollaborative partners and many others allover the globe. MasterPeace is now present in over 40 countries across the world and still counting...